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Newborn Circumcision Devices

Making newborn circumcision safer and easier!

wee MEDICAL was founded by a board-certified pediatric urologist who identified a gap in the safety of newborn circumcisions. The desire to make a safe and cost-effective newborn circumcision device sparked the creation of wee MEDICAL.

Following the development of the wee BELL surgical assist device, our physician also recognized that the most commonly used restraint board for infants did not adequately accommodate a wide range of sizes among infants. We developed the wee SECURE, a contoured restraining device that allows safe restraint of the upper and lower extremities of infants of all sizes. We knew our restraint board needed soft, adjustable, and safe restraint straps to help better secure premature infants and mature newborns. The wee SECURE board and wee STRAPS are suitable for small children of all sizes who must undergo minor procedures.


Our mission is to provide safer, easier, and more comfortable devices for newborns and infants
undergoing various procedures, including circumcision.

wee MEDICAL products are available globally in hospitals and clinics, and we are shipping to new countries monthly!



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