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Providing safer medical devices for newborn circumcision.

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Newborn Circumcision just became
safer & easier!

Our products are designed by a board-certified pediatric urologist.
We specialize in medical devices for newborn circumcisions. Recognizing a significant gap in the safety and comfort aspects of newborn circumcisions, the doctor was inspired to design the wee SECURE restraint board.

Now, wee MEDICAL brings to market the wee BELL circumcision bell, with safety features not offered by other circumcision devices. Available in sizes to accommodate premature and full-term infants.

wee SECURE is a newborn circumcision restraining device that is designed for infants of all sizes to be safely secured during their procedures. wee SECURE is easy to clean and can be used for various newborn procedures. wee STRAPS are disposable and comfortably fit around the arms and legs of newborns of various sizes and weights. wee Bell promotes a clean line for excision.

Our mission is to help doctors and healthcare facilities perform safer, easier, and more comfortable circumcisions.

weeMedical safer circumcision supplies; photo of baby feet.

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