About Us

Newborn Circumcision Devices

Making newborn circumcisions safer and easier!

WeeMEDICAL was created by a board-certified pediatric urologist that saw a gap in the safety of newborn circumcision medical devices. The desire to make a safer and cost-effective newborn circumcision device was the reason wee MEDICAL was established. Following the development of the wee BELL, our physician quickly realized the most commonly used restraint board for infants was not suitable and comfortable for very small and larger infants. We felt that a restraint device that is contoured and allows safe restraints of the upper and lower extremities of all infants — this led to the design of wee SECURE. Quickly we realized our restraint board needed soft adjustable and safe straps to help better secure the pre-mature infants and mature newborns. Both wee SECURE board and wee STRAPS are suitable for small children of various body types when undergoing minor procedures. Our mission is to provide safer, easier and more comfortable devices for newborns and infants undergoing various procedures, including circumcision.

wee MEDICAL products are available globally in hospitals and clinics.

To contact wee MEDICAL, email us at support@weemedical.com.